Meet the Moomins & their friends

The Moomins, a family of white and roundish trolls with large snouts, live an adventurous life with their friends in the idyllic Moominvalley in harmony with nature. Get to know the moomins, snorks, hemulens, fillyjonks and other tiny and large creatures and make your match in Moominvalley.

Pick a character:

Moominmamma Moominmamma
Moominpappa Moominpappa
Fillyjonk Fillyjonk
Hattifatteners Hattifatteners
Little My Little My
Misabel Misabel
Moomintroll Moomintroll
Mymble Mymble
Sniff Sniff
Snork Maiden Snork Maiden
Snufkin Snufkin
Stinky Stinky
The Groke The Groke
The Hemulen The Hemulen
The Hobgoblin The Hobgoblin
The Muddler The Muddler
Thingumy and Bob Thingumy and Bob
Too-Ticky Too-Ticky
Mymble's Mother Mymble's Mother
The Ancestor The Ancestor
Ninny Ninny
Moominmamma Moominmamma is a gentle mother figure and the heart of the Moominhouse. She's always there to solve problems, give advice and comfort and make every visitor feel welcome.
Get to know each other
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