Mooments of magic with Moomin Arabia

Moomin Arabia creates delightfully designed tableware and textiles that bring together the Moomin characters and the Finnish ceramic heritage of Arabia. Let’s celebrate the everyday like the Moomins!


Joyful escapes to Moominvalley

Right now, the world needs the Moomins’ company more than ever. The Moomins are known for their unwavering commitment to family, friendship, and diversity.

The Moominphilosophy’s wisdom is not just alluring but reassuring: lighthearted, yet profound – just as the themes and values in Tove Jansson’s stories are timeless and universal. Life is beautiful as it is. The Moomins remind us of the importance of being together and stealing small moments for ourselves to enjoy.

With Moomin Arabia, we all can slow down the world around us and escape our busy lives into joyful Mooments of Magic. We encourage everyone to try out joyful everyday escapism – one is never too old or too busy to visit the delightful world of stories for a short while.


Ideas for Mooments of Magic together – or on your own

With Moomin Arabia, there is magic in the air everywhere.

- How about an impromptu tea party for friends and family? Set the table indoors or outdoors and enjoy a whimsical afternoon together.

- No one has ever said no to pancakes. Together with some Nordic berries and whipped cream, they are one of the life’s simple pleasures that the Moomins remind us to enjoy

- Organize a picnic in a park, or perhaps in a nearby forest or on a beach. Pack a basket with delicious snacks and Moomin Arabia tableware to serve your food and drinks. Don’t forget to pack a Moomin towel for everyone to sit on!

- Grab your favorite Moomin mug, filled with something warm, to keep you company on a short walk in the middle of a workday. Fresh air and some time on your own can power you through a longer day.

- Hide yourself between Moomin Arabia bedsheets for the guilty pleasure of an early bedtime – or perhaps take a short nap in the sun on the balcony.

- Take a long, warm bath with a good book and then cool down in the warm, cozy embrace of Moomin Arabia towels.


“Life is short, the world is enormous.”

Moominpappa, the Exploits of Moominpappa (1950)
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