Get ready for an exciting and fast-paced winter season with the new winter dishes!

The Sliding collection features an epic wintery scene from Moomin’s Winter Games. The new dishes are a lovely seasonal gift for every Moomin Arabia fan and collector. Pack your backpack with hot chocolate, a sled and the new Sliding dishes and you're all set to slide your way to wintertime Mooments of Magic.

Inspired by Moomin’s Winter Follies comic (1955)

The illustration of the new collection continues the story of the last winter collection, in which Mr Brisk, a winter sports enthusiast, arrives in Moominvalley and challenges everyone to try winter sports. The Moomins open Moominvalley Winter Games, and Mr Brisk’s strong winning mentality makes the residents’ emotions stir. After Mr Brisk finds out that his win in a snowball fight against Edward the walrus was settled beforehand, he covets revenge in a bobsleighing race.

Get to know Edward the walrus and Shadow

The walrus Edward appears on Moomin dishes for the first time, and in Tove Jansson’s Moomin comics, the character only appears in Moomin’s Winter Follies. In the illustration, watching the Moomin’s slide downhill is also a little dark-furred character called Shadow. He looks a bit like Sniff and often appears as a helpful side character in the Moomin comics. Shadow was illustrated on the Moomin dishes for the first time in 2008 in the Winter Bonfire seasonal collection.

Beautiful pastel colour scheme

The Sliding mug and bowl go well together for table settings with the winter 2022 Winter Wonders seasonal dishes. Tove Slotte, who designed the mug, has chosen the same pastel tones for this year’s collection. The use of lines characteristic of Tove Jansson's drawing style and the bright colouring of the details of the characters' clothing gives the collection a fresh look.

"Roll up for the winter games! Mens sana in corpore sano! Joy through strength!".

Placard advertising Moomin's Winter Games, from the comic Moomin's Winter Follies
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